Fresh offers independent consultancy in brand strategy and development, innovation, insights and capability.

Sam Matthewson is the founder of Fresh and has over 18 years experience in a range of strategy and insight roles, both client and agency side. She has worked for brands such as Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker, Innocent, BBC  and Hovis amongst many others.

Underpinning every one of Sam's projects is her motivation to develop a deep understanding of human behaviour from which businesses can drive growth. She combines her strategic expertise with knowledge of applied behavioural sciences, creative flair and commercial experience of how to make insights work within organisations.

Sam works with a network of partners who are stars in their field to deliver larger projects if necessary. This brings you big agency thinking with the flexibility of an independent approach.

Most recently Sam has been exploring her love of a good story and the benefits to our brains of storytelling. As a result she has worked with clients to integrate storytelling techniques into their communication armoury.

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